Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Seat Post Review

Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Seatpost Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Seat Post Review

Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Seatpost

At $120, the Cobalt 3 puts itself solidly in the middle of the market for seatposts.  While most people would consider $100 and above a lot of money for a seatpost, this price point represents the beginning of the top half of the range for quality aluminum components, while the best and most lightweight carbon seatposts are a little further off into the price stratosphere.

Who Would Buy This Seatpost?

The Cobalt range of seatposts is billed as a cross-county/race line, beginning with the most affordable Cobalt 2 and rising steeply to the Cobalt 11 at the upper (carbon) end of the range.  The Cobalt 3 sits between the 2 extremes.  Cross country riding covers a number of styles of mountain bike riding, but broadly it encompasses trail riding that is of low to medium technical difficulty, with the emphasis on fun, flowing singletrack, rather than technical descending or free ride style biking.  Mountain bikers looking to upgrade their stock seatpost with a solid, dependable but lighter weight seat pin, might consider the Cobalt 3, and this seatpost would certainly not look out of place on a cross country racing rig.

Competitive Area

This area of the market has been dominated by Thomson seatposts, and as its main competitor, a brief comparison is worthwhile.  Like the Thomson Elite, the Cobalt 3 is made from lightweight machined aluminum, although the Cobalt sports a single bolt seat clamp, while the Thomson goes with a two-bolt assembly.  The Cobalt 3 weighs in at a svelte 234 grams which competes neatly with the Thomson.  The price of the Cobalt 3 is $120, a little more than the $100 for the Thomson Elite.  Although the two seat posts are similar in materials and price, it would be difficult in my mind to justify the extra $20 for the Cobalt 3.  The Thomson is the industry standard, tried and tested, with a more secure saddle clamp assembly.  It is hard to see why the Cobalt 3 should cost more.  However, putting personal preferences to one side, the Cobalt 3 looks great and definitely sets itself apart from other seatposts on the market.  From its construction, combined with Crank Brothers reputation, the Cobalt 3 seatpost would be an excellent choice of upgrade for any cross-country bicycle.

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