Deda Elementi SuperZero Carbon Seatpost Review

Deda Elementi Seatpost Deda Elementi SuperZero Carbon Seatpost Review

Deda Elementi SuperZero Seatpost

Deda Elementi is the perfect way to finish off a serious road bike frame, and is de rigueur for Italian made bikes. Deda makes top end components including stems, handlebars, and seatposts, but that’s about it, so they should be good at what they do. If you are shopping for the finishing touches to your race machine, then Deda Elementi products should be on your list.

Top of the range components

Deda doesn’t make much at the lower end of the market, and even their basic components are top quality. The SuperZero carbon seatpost is no exception, and at $230 it had better be good. In this price range there is some tough competition – like the Thomson Masterpiece – but Deda has brought their best.

The SuperZero is all carbon monocoque construction, as you’d expect at the price, with an integrated carbon head base. This makes it smooth and sleek, but also lightweight and low profile for those looking for aerodynamics too. The two-bolt clamp is cleverly done, with bolt access at the rear for simple adjustments, and the clamp assembly is superlight aluminum. Add to that white graphics on the clearcoat and with the Deda Elementi SuperZero you have one really nice, really good looking seatpost.

But does it work?

One thing jumps out about the SuperZero seatpost as soon as you get it out of the box, and that’s the weight. It’s a surprise, because at an advertised 165g this ought to be just about the lightest seatpost on the market. The problem is, it isn’t 165 grams. Even checking with other SuperZero riders the message was the same. It’s light, but it’s not that light. That said, once you start spending over $200 you can get a seatpost under 200g, and even though the SuperZero seatpost isn’t 165g, it stays comfortably under 200g.

If you are looking for a seatpost that matches your podium aspirations, and you have $200 or more to spend, then it’s worth giving the Deda Elementi SuperZero some consideration. It’s strong enough for road racing – but stay out of the potholes – the clamps are snug, and it’s every bit a fair competitor to the Thomson Masterpiece. Basically, with either one you won’t go wrong if you are after seriously light, top quality, good looking components, it’s just a matter of personal choice.

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